Favorite Characters Part 1: Boromir

So I was watching The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and I realized something: I’m ridiculously defensive of Boromir as a character. I really am. It’s almost stupid how quick I am to defend his character. But there’s a reason for that. So many people mindlessly despise Boromir’s character and I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. … Continue reading Favorite Characters Part 1: Boromir


The Effects of C.S. Lewis on This English Major

So I’m doing a presentation tomorrow in my Creative Writing class on one of the authors I want to emulate this semester, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that C.S. Lewis is not only an author I want to emulate, but also an author who inspired my love for reading. C.S. Lewis … Continue reading The Effects of C.S. Lewis on This English Major